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Our Lord offers us a choice between Ordinary Life and The Transformed Life. Furthermore, He offers to transform our lives by His power and grace -- if we give Him permission. The choice is yours.

Where Am I?
Are you living Ordinary Life or the Transformed Life?

The Transformed Life Starts *HERE*
Some foundational truths that will help you.

Transformed by the Big Loophole
Have YOU taken advantage of The Big Loophole? You won't get to heaven if you don't.

Transformed By Faith
You can be absolutely SURE of your salvation. Read this.

Transformed by Grace
Your eternal future depends on something called "grace." Find out how "grace" is different from justice and mercy and fairness.

"Unto what, then, were ye baptized?"
Here is the secret to being completely transformed. This is a foundational study, covering both water baptism and being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Gifts of The Holy Spirit
Are you a contributing member of the Body of Christ? Do you feel connected? The gifts of the Holy Spirit will help you get connected and start contributing.

Fruit of The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit longs to bear fruit in your life and heart. What type of fruit are YOU bearing in your life today?

Tongues of Men and Angels
Tongues can help fortify your prayer life, if approached properly. They can also weaken your church, if approached carelessly. Read and heed.

God's Plan For Your Life, Part 1: Wake Up and Live!
Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible for a reason ordained by God -- it holds the key to victory over the trials of this life. It contains God's Plan for Your Life in a way that you never considered. Stop your pity party and read this.

God's Plan For Your Life, Part 2: Revival!
Will you choose to be part of God's work in these final days before Jesus returns? The Lord has a plan to change your life in a surprising way, to make you a mighty warrior in His army.

Sharing Your Faith
In Acts 17, Paul gives a lesson in sharing the Gospel with religious folk. You can apply these principles here in the USA, too.

Transformed by Praise!
Here's the secret to gaining victory in every problem.

Escape From The Comfort Zone.
A strange thing happens to Transformed people...

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