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Here are a few sites with exceptionally good content. You might be pleasantly surprised if you haven't visited them.

Koinonia House
Excellent source for studies on almost any topic, Scriptural or scientific or current-events. Has excellent "Learn the Bible in 24 Hours" CD with 24 hours of lessons in MP3 format. Also an excellent current-events newsletter, free for the first year.

Calvary Chapel
Looking for a church home? This site might help you find a solid, Bible-based church in your local area. Has info on fellowships throughout the world. It also has an extensive audio library of recorded messages by Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

Hope For Today
Hope For Today is the ministry of Dr. David Hocking. This site has marvelous streaming audio and streaming video material in addition to printed materials. Set your computer next to your treadmill, start an audio message, and fortify your spirit as well as your body.

Barry Setterfield's Site
This site has a wealth of articles explaining how the latest scientific discoveries verify the Bible's account of The Creation. There are true scientific research papers as well as "Setterfield Simplified" -- a collection of articles written for the rest of us. These articles explain the slowing down of the speed of light, how to calibrate the geologic ages, and much more. Especially recommended is his DVD set on Anomolies.

Institute for Creation Research
You can set your browser's Home Page to this site. They refresh their cover articles every couple of days, and you get the honest truth about the latest "scientific" discoveries published in the national peer-reviewed journals. This author has met some of the ICR authors and can vouch for their scientific credentials and personal integrity.

Here's a rarity -- something free. This site has electronic Bibles for your PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, and more. Download a complete electronic study Bible and study tools for free.

E-Sword Electronic Bible
Here's another excellent free electronic Bible that you can download.

Christian Law Association
If the social workers show up on your doorstep and demand custody of your children, whom can you call? The Christian Law Association has a 24/7 hotline and can help you with a variety of First Amendment legal issues.

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